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Hathway with its PAN India ISP license offers Cable Broadband Internet services in major cities in India. Hathway is also among largest MSO and cable broadband service providers in India.

Customer Care

Sales SMS NET to 575759
Customer Care (Mumbai) 022-67134600
Customer Care (Pune) 020 - 30237800 / 30237660
Customer Care (Surat) 0261-6696100
Customer Care (Nasik) 8108186736
Customer Care (New Delhi) 011-46085777

Service Availability : Indore, Navi Mumbai, Bhilai, Kolkata, CHANDIGARH, Baroda, Vizag, Surat, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Aurangabad, Delhi, Thane, Pune, Mumbai,

Popular Broadband Plans by Hathway

Super Max 5Mbps (SME Plan)
Rs.3750 (validity 90 days) - Rs.1,250 p.m.
5 Mbps
40 GB

Rs.3750 (validity 3 months) : Hathway Business Broadband plan offers 5Mbps download speed upto 40GB and unlimited free usage at 1Mbps thereafter.
Plan Available in : Delhi, Aurangabad
Ultra 600Kbps
Rs.475 (validity 30 days)
600 Kbps

Rs.475 per month : 600Kbps unlimited usage plan with no usage limit. Rs.1375 (3 months).
Plan Available in : Vizag
Ultra 1Mbps
Rs.2100 (validity 90 days) - Rs.700 p.m.
1 Mbps

Rs.2100 (3 months) : Unlimited plan (no usage limit) at download speed of 1Mbps. Rs.3900 (6 months)
Plan Available in : CHANDIGARH
Fiber HD 3 Delhi
Rs.2699 (validity 90 days) - Rs.900 p.m.
50 Mbps
20 GB

Rs.2699 (3 months) : Hathway Home Broadband Unlimited plan offers 50Mbps speed upto 20GB usage per month and 1Mbps thereafter. Rs.5099 (6 months) and Rs.9899 (1 year)
Plan Available in : Delhi
HD 30 Stream Bengaluru
Rs.2699 (validity 90 days) - Rs.900 p.m.
50 Mbps
40 GB

Rs. 2699 (3 months) : Hathway Bangalore Unlimited Plan, 50 Mbps speed upto 40 GB usage per month and 512 Kbps thereafter. Rs. 5099 (6 months) and Rs. 9899 (1 year).
Plan Available in : Bangalore
Ultra 600
Rs.525 (validity 30 days)
600 Kbps

Rs.525 (1 month) : Unlimited plan (no usage capping) at download speed of 600Kbps. Rs.475 (1 month), Rs.1525 (3 months) & Rs.2950 (6 months).
Plan Available in : Aurangabad
Unlimited 3Mbps
Rs.1600 (validity 30 days)
3 Mbps

Rs.1600 (1 month) : 3 Mbps Unlimited Broadband plan (no capping or usage limit). Rs.4300 (3 months), Rs.8200 (6 months) & Rs.15000 (12 months).
Plan Available in : Baroda
Super Blast 30GB
Rs.1099 (validity 30 days)
50 Mbps
30 GB

Rs.1099 (1 month) : Unlimited plan offering 50 Mbps till 30 GB per month and 1 Mbps thereafter. Hathway Business Broadband plan available for SME / Business Houses.
Plan Available in : Thane, Pune
Fiber Stream 3
Rs.2714 (validity 90 days) - Rs.905 p.m.
25 Mbps
40 GB

Rs.2714 (3 months) : Unlimited plan with speed 25 Mbps till 40 GB (per month) and 1 Mbps thereafter. Rs.5118 (6 months) and Rs.9657 (1 year). Hathway New Fiber Stream 3 Plan.
Plan Available in : Surat
HD 3 Stream
Rs.2999 (validity 90 days) - Rs.1,000 p.m.
50 Mbps
100 GB

Rs.2999 (3 months) : Hathway Fibre Broadband speed 50Mbps till 100 GB per month and unlimited usage at 2Mbps speed thereafter. Rs.5699 (6 months) and Rs.10999 (1 year).
Plan Available in : Thane, Pune

Recent Hathway Reviews


IQBAL wrote -
very often you will experience no connectivity at all and even when connectivity is there, the speed you get won't be as advertised. and even though they don't mention it, they actually control traffic based on the website and if require internet for any non http data, you are in for a gamble, some apps just dont work on hathway. ...

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WORSE....... CHEATER... :-(

MANISHA wrote -
Hathway is FOOLING customers by giving OFFERS. I am using HATHWAY connection from few months back. Services like connectivity, speed is fine But when HATHWAY comes to MONEY issue, they just suddenly HIDE. So below is what happens to me: On 30th DEC 2016, HATHWAY send me a offer as "Recharge for 3 Months or above AND Get 1 Month free" . I did the recharge on the same day and paid amount what they sent in message. But on 1st april 2017, HATHWAY told me that my offer will get expired ...

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AMIT wrote -
I renewed hathway for first time in Jan 2017 for 3 months, i wanted to renew for 1 month but they said if i renew for 3 months then i will have extra 15 days, i pay for 3 months around 3,200 INR. Now after 3 months in March month end i started msgs like i have to renew before 31st March to continue. as i have 15 days extra, i sent them email but no response, and even once i got email that wrong recipient!!(This is disgusting). Then sending emails again and again on 31st(last day) i got msg on ...

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VISHNU wrote -
I am using hathway for 7 months. But service is very bad. Customer service execuitves are very rude. Today got a call from hathway regarding the recharge and I asked him about the current offers. He didnt reply anything to my request and was rude in the conversation. Like last time I recharged for 3 months, I got 30 days additional validity. I was trying to ask about the availability of such offers, but he gave a big NO and cut the call. If this is mean by customer service, i dont want to contin ...

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BS wrote -
It's f***ing slow and streaming all the time. After 2 months of usage I am experiencing a worst ever services from this service provider. Even after repeated call, there is no response from local team or any site engineer. On repeated calls with customer care they respond totally insane. Just in two months I have used 60 GB of data only while browsing my mails(sounds f***ing kidding) but it's true because Hathway said. I am fed up with this. After this month, I am gonna go for some altern ...

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