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Hathway with its PAN India ISP license offers Cable Broadband Internet services in major cities in India. Hathway is also among largest MSO and cable broadband service providers in India.

Customer Care

Sales SMS NET to 575759
Customer Care (Mumbai) 022-67134600
Customer Care (Pune) 020 - 30237800 / 30237660
Customer Care (Surat) 0261-6696100
Customer Care (Nasik) 8108186736
Customer Care (New Delhi) 011-46085777

Service Availability : Chennai, Indore, Navi Mumbai, Bhilai, Kolkata, CHANDIGARH, Baroda, Vizag, Surat, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Aurangabad, Delhi, Pimpri Chinchwad, Thane, Pune, Mumbai,

Popular Broadband Plans by Hathway

Ultra 600Kbps
Rs.475 (validity 30 days)
600 Kbps

Rs.475 per month : 600Kbps unlimited usage plan with no usage limit. Rs.1375 (3 months).
Plan Available in : Vizag
Ultra 1Mbps
Rs.2100 (validity 90 days) - Rs.700 p.m.
1 Mbps

Rs.2100 (3 months) : Unlimited plan (no usage limit) at download speed of 1Mbps. Rs.3900 (6 months)
Plan Available in : CHANDIGARH
Ultra 600
Rs.525 (validity 30 days)
600 Kbps

Rs.525 (1 month) : Unlimited plan (no usage capping) at download speed of 600Kbps. Rs.475 (1 month), Rs.1525 (3 months) & Rs.2950 (6 months).
Plan Available in : Aurangabad
Unlimited 3Mbps
Rs.3200 (validity 90 days) - Rs.1,067 p.m.
3 Mbps

Rs.3200 (3 months) : 3 Mbps Unlimited Broadband plan (no capping or usage limit). Rs.5500 (6 months) & Rs.10000 (12 months). Plan renamed as Super 3000.
Plan Available in : Baroda
Super Blast 30GB
Rs.1099 (validity 30 days)
50 Mbps
30 GB

Rs.1099 (1 month) : Unlimited plan offering 50 Mbps till 30 GB per month and 1 Mbps thereafter. Hathway Business Broadband plan available for SME / Business Houses.
Plan Available in : Thane, Pune
HD 3 Stream
Rs.2999 (validity 90 days) - Rs.1,000 p.m.
50 Mbps
100 GB

Rs.2999 (3 months) : Hathway Fibre Broadband speed 50Mbps till 100 GB per month and unlimited usage at 2Mbps speed thereafter. Rs.5699 (6 months) and Rs.10999 (1 year).
Plan Available in : Thane, Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad
Super Blast 100GB
Rs.2400 (validity 30 days)
50 Mbps
100 GB

Rs.2400 per month : Unlimited plan offers 50 Mbps till 100 GB per month and 1 Mbps thereafter. This is Business Broadband plan available for SME / Business Houses.
Plan Available in : Thane, Pune
Powerway 2Mbps (16GB)
Rs.1800 (validity 120 days) - Rs.450 p.m.
2 Mbps
16 GB

Rs.1800 (validity 4 months) : Data plan offering 16GB free usage at 2Mbps download speed.
Plan Available in : CHANDIGARH, Aurangabad
Super Blast 200GB
Rs.4200 (validity 30 days)
50 Mbps
200 GB

Rs.4200 per month : Unlimited plan offers 50 Mbps till 200 GB per month and 1Mbps thereafter. This is Hathway Business Broadband plan available for SME / Business Houses.
Plan Available in : Thane, Pune
Infinite 2Mbps Unlimited
Rs.2399 (validity 90 days) - Rs.800 p.m.
2 Mbps

Rs.2399 (validity 3 months) : Hathway Mumbai Unlimited Broadband plan offers 2 Mbps speed and no fair usage limit. Rs.4699 (6 months) and Rs.8799 (1 year).
Plan Available in : Mumbai, Thane

Recent Hathway Reviews


This is one of the best internet services I have ever had till date. I used to be a dedicated MTNL user for the last 20 years calling plus internet. But to my horror MTNL and it's services have turned into nightmare now. Worst ever customer care. So switched to Hathway and took a sigh of relief. Thanks to Hathway. Kudos and I hope they will continue with their services, Internet speed and plans like this only. Complete 5 stars to Hathway Broadband Services. ...

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AKHIL wrote -
Hi, I don't have words to express my experience with hathway.One of the worst service provider I should say.I have paid money for a new connection on 7th of July and till date ie 15th of July it's not installed. I am keeping on calling the guy who have collected the money on behalf of hathway ,he doesn't answer my call at all and if I call from any other number he suddenly disconnects the call.calling hathway customer care is just waste of time. Such irresponsible company. .. ...

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DAVID wrote -
The internet itself was fine. Speed was good and little connectivity problems. Whenever there was a problem though.... most horrible service you can imagine. I have lost count how many times I have had to wait for a technician not to show up. And then in the end in turns out to be a problem they could fix from their own office. The majority of their customer service agents (and I can say this, because I think I've spoken to the majority), is rude and lacks basic knowledge about internet connecti ...

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This is true and legit.I bought Hathaway connection on 27 June and they put the connection on 28 June.It runs so well.The speed is 150mbps and 1000gb data.Post fup is 5mbps and the amount is unbelievable just 999(Adding Gst its 1180).Chennai people we are lucky to have such amount of speed and data for such an affordable amount.Dont hesitate get it.Even I was very much worried reading the Hathaway review.It was horrible.But I wanted to give a try.So get it and my advice after paying the amount h ...

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I got connection for 10mbps. The speed also showing as 7 Mbps but even you tube also not running. Technically the reduced the speed and cheated us. I connected with only one laptop , still you tube is not running. Service is very poor , they will close the ticket without solving and without informing ...

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