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Iriisnet Communication provides high speed broadband services in Faridabad (Haryana). Company offers services on Radio Technology through Wireless. Company also provides services on Fiber Network in many societies in Faridabad. Address : SCF-136 Sector-14, Faridabad, HRY 121007.

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I am currently using their services, It is 3 MBPS Unlimited plan, generally use it for online multiplayer gaming. paid off 4.5k for 3 months which seem quite affordable to the most. I must say, the experience is not good. unstable connection everytime. When available Realtime Upload Speed is upto 0.2 MBPS Download Speed is 2.7 MBPS, If lucky (Speedtest by Ookla) They sound promising on call the moment you raise the issue. they behave as if they have no idea about the issue going on from t ...

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Iriisnet is only good as long as everything is going smooth. Once any technical problem arise(which happens quite often) you are screwed. THE TOLL FREE CUSTOMER SUPPORT ALMOST NEVER WORKS. Their faridabad office will disconnect the landline and no one in their office will pick up your call. If you somehow manage to contact them they will tell you the problem will be resolved i 10 MINUTES. I had made the mistake of giving 6 months advance!! ...

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