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RVRNet is Category-B ISP (brand of RVR Infrastructures Group) offering Broadband services in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Company offers Broadband plans upto 20Mbps speed on Fiber network.

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Service Availability : Vizag, Vijayawada, Hyderabad,

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VIKRAM wrote -
Initially when I got the connection, we had a lot of issues. Soon they got extra redundant line's that was about a month after I took the connection, post which the connection is stable. Customer service is very good. The internet speed is not always at the speed I have subscribed (get about 15 MBPS for the 20 MBPS), but for me stability is important and the speed I get is enough for my work. Am happy. ...

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MANMOHA wrote -
They offer internet plans with quite good value for money. Also you can have installation connection with just 500rs. But the real issue is with quality of service. A slight drizzle would knockout the connection. You can expect internet not to be working for a day in a week. You call them and will get a reply that a person is already on his way to fix the connection. But half of the time he will take a day or two to fix it. Overall, they offer cheaper plans compared to other providers su ...

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From the day I got connection, it starts disconnecting once a while. Everyday it will stop working 5 times min a day. Its okay , but suddenly it stopped working for everyone. We called him and he said he will solve the problem in a day. We have waited for 2 days and still no connection. When we call them they stopped lifting calls and then the third day even the wire connection has stopped and still trying. But no one is lifting calls. I will update with more details. ...

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