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Latest Faast Broadband Plans 2017

Plan Name Plan Charges Validity Plan Type Speed Free Data Usage/FUP Speed After FUP Usage Charges Available in Cities
HOME UL Rs.650 30 days Unlimited 1 Mbps Unlimited 1 Mbps NA Belgaum
HOME FAAST UL Rs.850 30 days Unlimited 2 Mbps Unlimited 2 Mbps NA Belgaum
HOME FAASTER UL Rs.1450 30 days Unlimited 4 Mbps Unlimited 4 Mbps NA Belgaum
HOME FAASTEST UL Rs.1850 30 days Unlimited 8 Mbps Unlimited 8 Mbps NA Belgaum
Home FUP Rs.500 30 days FUP 10 Mbps 50 GB 512 Kbps NA Belgaum
Home FAAST FUP Rs.1000 30 days FUP 20 Mbps 100 GB 1 Mbps NA Belgaum
Home FAASTER FUP Rs.2000 30 days FUP 40 Mbps 200 GB 2 Mbps NA Belgaum
Home RED FUP Rs.4000 30 days FUP 40 Mbps 400 GB 4 Mbps NA Belgaum
Home RED FAAST FUP Rs.5000 30 days FUP 50 Mbps 500 GB 5 Mbps NA Belgaum
Home FAASTEST FUP Rs.3000 30 days FUP 60 Mbps 300 GB 3 Mbps NA Belgaum
Home RED FAASTER FUP Rs.6000 30 days FUP 60 Mbps 600 GB 6 Mbps NA Belgaum
Home RED FAASTEST FUP Rs.10000 30 days FUP 100 Mbps 1000 GB 10 Mbps NA Belgaum

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