Internet Service Providers in Lucknow

Unlimited 2Mbps


Tikona - XAHD2048K Plan


Tikona - XAQD2048K Plan


NetXss Broadband - NETX 2Mbps Plan


BSNL - BBG Combo ULD 1199 Plan


Railwire - Railwire 2Mbps Unlimited Plan


Tata Docomo - Limitless 2Mbps Plan


Tata Docomo - 2M Combo Unlimited Broadband Voice Plan


iNet Network - UN2MB1 Plan


Apex Netcom - Office Unlimited 2Mbps Plan


Royal Broadband - Royal Corp Dedicated 2Mbps Unlimited Plan


Shakya Wireless Networks - Shakya Dedicated 2Mbps Corp Unlimited Plan Plan

Unlimited Internet Plans in Lucknow (with Fair Usage Limit)

2Mbps FUP

Rs.249, 1GB
BSNL - Experience Unlimited Broadband 249 Plan
Rs.499, 2GB
BSNL - BBG Combo ULD 499 Plan
Rs.545, 3GB
BSNL - BB Home UL 545 Plan
Rs.545, 5GB
BSNL - BBG Unlimited 545 Plan
Rs.599, 50GB
NetXss Broadband - NETX 2Mbps 50GB Plan
Rs.699, 10GB
Tata Docomo - Power 2 Mbps 699 Plan
Rs.795, 10GB
BSNL - BBG ULD 795 Plan
Rs.800, 10GB
Royal Broadband - Royal 2Mbps FUP Plan Plan
Rs.800, 10GB
Shakya Wireless Networks - Shakya 2Mbps FUP Plan Plan
Rs.845, 10GB
BSNL - BB Home Combo ULD 845 Plan
Rs.900, 10GB
BSNL - BBG Combo ULD 945 Plan
Rs.999, 20GB
Tata Docomo - Power 2 Mbps 999 Plan
Rs.999, 100GB
NetXss Broadband - NETX 2Mbps 100GB Plan
Rs.1,099, 9GB
Airtel - UL Super Max Plus 1099 Plan
Rs.1,199, 15GB
Airtel - UL Super Max Plus 1199 Plan
Rs.1,549, 30GB
Airtel - UL Super Max Plus 1549 Plan
Rs.1,849, 80GB
Airtel - UL Super Max Plus 1849 Plan

4Mbps FUP

Rs.499, 10GB
Sikka Broadband - Sikka 499 Unshared Plan
Rs.900, 10GB
Royal Broadband - Royal 4Mbps FUP Plan Plan
Rs.900, 10GB
Shakya Wireless Networks - Shakya 4Mbps FUP Plan Plan
Rs.999, 10GB
BSNL - BB Home Combo ULD 999 Plan
Rs.1,275, 30GB
BSNL - BBG ULD 1275 Plan
Rs.1,299, 15GB
Airtel - UL Turbo Plus 1299 Plan
Rs.1,445, 30GB
BSNL - BBG Combo ULD 1445 Plan
Rs.1,495, 40GB
BSNL - BBG Combo ULD 1495 Plan
Rs.1,599, 40GB
BSNL - BBG Combo ULD 1599 Plan
Rs.1,649, 30GB
Airtel - UL Turbo Plus 1649 Plan
Rs.1,891, 80GB
BSNL - BBG ULD 1891 Plan
Rs.2,091, 80GB
BSNL - BBG Combo ULD 2091 Plan
Rs.2,099, 80GB
Airtel - UL Turbo Plus 2099 Plan
Rs.2,799, 80GB
BSNL - BBG Combo ULD 2799 Plan
Rs.6,300, 200GB
BSNL - BBG Combo ULD 6300 Plan

10Mbps FUP

Rs.499, 21GB
Sikka Broadband - Sikka 10Mbps 499 Plan
Rs.550, 20GB
Tikona - ADBBM10M550 Plan
Rs.650, 30GB
Tikona - ADBBM10M650 Plan
Rs.750, 75GB
Tikona - ADBBM10M750 Plan
Rs.799, 30GB
Apex Netcom - Plan 10Mbps 1 Plan
Rs.899, 10GB
Tata Docomo - Power 10 Mbps 899 Plan
Rs.999, 40GB
Apex Netcom - Plan 10Mbps 2 Plan
Rs.1,050, 100GB
Tikona - ADBBM10M1050 Plan
Rs.1,399, 20GB
Tata Docomo - Power 10 Mbps 1399 Plan
Rs.1,399, 50GB
NetXss Broadband - NETX 10Mbps 50GB Plan
Rs.1,499, 90GB
Sikka Broadband - Sikka 1499 Unshared Plan
Rs.1,499, 50GB
Apex Netcom - Plan 10Mbps 3 Plan
Rs.1,799, 50GB
Tata Docomo - Power 10 Mbps 1799 Plan
Rs.1,899, 100GB
NetXss Broadband - NETX 10Mbps 100GB Plan
Rs.1,999, 100GB
Apex Netcom - Plan 10Mbps 4 Plan

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