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was promised 5 Mbps when purchased home hotspot... getting less than 0.5 Mbps... sold by some uneducated person who doesn't even know what's meant by Mbps... Rs.799 for 12 GB with less than 0.5 Mbps is just ROBBING people's money.... if you're from Chennai plz don't buy MTS by paying 1200... get it from OLX where people sell it for Rs.500 and choose the cheapest if that's the only option you have.............. :(
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MAYUR wrote -
Before Fup I got maximum speed of 100kbps and after Fup it's even hard to surf the net. Worst customers services and care. And 1000 rs for ultimate slow speed. Made mistake by choosing Mts...
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NKS wrote -
The speed my WiFi dongle used to fetch was around 1 Mbps, now it's reduced to 100 Kbps. Truly disappointed, had filed a complaint but no Change in speed! I would definitely recommend not to go for this network.
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THANSEER wrote -
Hi, I am using MTS Blaze Ultra wifi plan 999 Post Paid connection and I was using it for many months and paying the bill. But i was complaining regarding the connection and Speed to MTS for more than 3-4 Months ,but till today they didn't rectified or didn't take any action on this issue to solve. But one thing is perfect monthly bill comes and also its fake. To open a page i have to wait for 20-35 minutes. But bill came as 1500 plus. They say they can't do anything to increase the speed.
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PAMMI wrote -
Cheapest but buy at your own risk. May or may not work for you. But If you will buy postpaid data card it is ok u will get 100kbps in day and 256kbps in night. So sasta hai or kaam chalau.... But if u buy any broadband then first do research fully for all isp's then buy. All the best.
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